We Take Safeguarding Seriously

Safeguarding children and young people means keeping them safe from neglect and abuse. Anyone who comes into contact with children and families has a responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare. Professionals have a duty to do so. Safeguarding and promoting welfare means:
  • Protecting children from maltreatment,
  • Preventing impairment of children's health or development,
  • Ensuring children and young people are growing in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and
  • Taking action to enable all children to have the best life chances.
Our Safeguarding and Child Proectection Policy is accessible via the 'policies' tab of this website. This applies to all staff, governors, students and volunteers working in school. There are five main elements to our policy:
  • We practice safe recruitment using 'Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education' as guidance.
  • Raising awareness of child protection issues and equipping children with the skills needed to keep them safe.
  • Developing and then implementing procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.
  • Supporting pupils who have been abused, in accordance with his/her agreed child protection plan.
  • Establishing a safe environment in which children can learn and develop.
The Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) for our school are:
  • David Aldworth (Executive Head Teacher) Lead DSL
  • Janine Maidment (Senior Nursery Manager) DSL
  • Nauzaqat Ali (Teaching Assistant) DSL
All our staff regularly undertake training on the PREVENT duty and this is an integral part of our school environment and philosophy.
As part of our safeguarding procedures, please note that we do not permit the use of mobile phones, cameras or other recording devices on site.

If anything concerns you or worries you, please report it to us immediately on 0121 440 3066.
Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.
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