Your child will be learning all day, every day. Their Tapestry Online Learning Journey will let you see how they are learning and developing throughout the year.
Each half term, your child will have their learning documented through a Learning Story. These Learning Stories will capture their learning around one areas of the curriculum that we follow: The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, known as the EYFS. This is the curriculum that schools follow until the end of Reception.
The EYFS has seven areas of learning. These are split into three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of learning.
The three prime areas of learning are:
Personal, social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development
The four specific areas of learning are:
Expressive Arts and Design
Understanding the world
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Tapestry also allows you to upload photographs and share memories of the lovely things that you do with them at home. We encourage the children to share these photos and memories with their friends, which often lead to some wonderful conversations.

You can view your child's journal by clicking on the link below.

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